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Aerodynamics & Styling

Individual styling, well-balanced.

TECHART bodykits and styling options underline the sport-focused attitude of individualized Porsche models from every angle. The distinction of TECHART exterior design is unmistakable. At the same time, it decently maintains the inimitable Porsche design line.

The range of exterior TECHART options is versatile. Front spoilers and front aprons merge perfectly with the surrounding design. Rear wings and rear aprons are sporty statements, instantly visible.

Accompanied by a manifold choice of TECHART body parts such as diffusors, side skirts, front lids, roof spoilers as well as all kinds of exterior trims and customized surface finishes, the variety of TECHART personalization for any Porsche model is literally endless.

In the development process, TECHART merges traditional workmanship and artisan clay modelling as well as digital design engineering, such as virtual reality design and 3D prototyping. 

Demanding test procedures are development steps any genuine TECHART bodykit has to undergo. These include simulation and real life track testing, crash and impact tests as well as wind tunnel testing of aerodynamic components. This great deal of time and effort is crucial for both, optimum driving performance and highest active safety.

As a result, TECHART bodykits are not only breathtaking design upgrades. They ensure well-balanced aerodynamics and improved driving stability.