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Installation instructions

Search by Article No.: just enter the first 9 digits without dots

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How to find the right one:

To find the assembly instruction for your product, you can either select your Porsche model to display all available assambly instructions for your vehicle or you can selectively search for a product by its Article number.

Search by Article Number:
Enter the first 9 digts of the product's article number without separators such as dots or blanks.

Example 1:

To search for the assembly instructions for
TECHART Powerkit TA 091/T1.1, Art. No.  091.300.620.009

→ Enter 091300620 in the search box

Example 2

To search for the assembly instructions for
Steering Wheel with Paddle Shifters in leather/carbon, Art. No. 097.430.374.CCC/CC

→ Enter 097430374 in the search box

Your search did not show a result?

In some cases, products are available in different variants but share the same assembly instructions.

If your search does not return a result, you can cut off additional digits in order to receive more global results.

Example 3:

If you search for the assembly instructions for
Footrest for Cayenne right hand drive vehicles, Art. No. 048.460.412.009

The search term 048460412 will not return a result.

Try to cut off additional digits in the search field, e.g. change the search term to 0484604. Now your search will return a less specific list of assembly instructions including the one you searched for.