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TECHART for the 911 models

992 series

The TECHART Rear Spoiler III

The fixed TECHART Rear Spoiler III is available for all 911 Carrera Coupe models and the 911 GT3 Touring. It is made entirely of carbon fiber and complements the TECHART aerodynamics and styling options for the 992 series Porsche 911.

The TECHART Rear Spoiler III consists of a paintable carbon fiber base body and a carbon spoiler lip, which can be ordered paintable or in spotless matt or high-gloss visible carbon fiber with a painted TECHART lettering.

Typical for the TECHART Rear Spoiler III: timeless, racing-inspired styling, increased downforce in every driving mode and well-balanced aerodynamics in all speed ranges. Besides its fuss-free installation, the Rear Spoiler III stands out with sophisticated design, improving the supply of cooling air to the engine. For this purpose, integrated air ducts were constructed using flow simulations. And thanks to its lightweight construction, it is more than 30% lighter than the standard rear spoiler.

The TECHART Rear Spoiler III comes with a general operating license (Allgemeine Betriebserlaubnis, ABE) issued by the Federal Motor Transport Authority.

TECHART Clubsport Upgrades

The TECHART Clubsport Package prepares any Porsche 911 coupe of the 992 generation for the use at motor sport events.

The TECHART clubsport product range includes a TECHART roll bar, TECHART 6-point racing harnesses, a hand-held fire extinguisher and a TECHART towing loop.


The TECHART roll bar is designed to comply with the current FIA regulations and offers both additional safety and a sporty look. It is made of high-strength steel with hand-welded struts and is available in black matt or paintable. Leather or Alcantara® pads are available as an option. The TECHART 6-point racing harness can be ordered in various colors and it comes with an FIA homologation. The hand-held fire extinguisher and a colored towing loop complete the TECHART Clubsport Package and ensure maximum safety.


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