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Aerodynamics & Styling

for the 9YA (E3) Cayenne models

The new TECHART body styling options for the Cayenne is a statement of individualism.

Its independent front spoiler design and the carbon fiber aero engine lid featuring distinctive air intakes, integrates seamlessly with the Cayenne body styling. Discreet. But nonetheless, the TECHART Aerokit for the Cayenne models embodies both elegance and sportiness, setting it apart from the standard models.

Visible TECHART Performance: the rear view presents the contoured rear hatch spoiler and the add-on lip for the Cayenne's roof spoiler.
The powerful design of the rear apron incorporates a diffusor — which makes a perfect surrounding for the TECHART sport exhaust system and its stainless titanium/carbon fiber tailpipes.

The TECHART Aerokit is also available for all Porsche Cayenne models with towbar system as well as for all US-versions. For maximum individualization opportunities, parts of the TECHART Aerokit can be varied and combined according to your preferences. Such as grills, trims and other styling parts which can be ordered in custom color or in matt black finish.

These are just a few examples of the diversity of the new TECHART personalization options, providing all you need to make your Cayenne model individually yours. Your sales manager at TECHART will be happy to give any assistance.


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For the V6 models: styling for Cayenne and Cayenne S.

Before, the TECHART front spoiler was only available for the Cayenne Turbo or vehicles featuring the Sport Design Package. The new front spoiler was specially designed for the standard front aprons of the Cayenne, Cayenne S and Cayenne E-Hybrid. A new roof spoiler is now also available for these models.

In addition, all other exterior options of the TECHART individualization range are available. Such as the aerodynamically shaped carbon front lid, the contoured side skirts, the powerful rear apron and diffusor element as well as sporty styling details like the rear hatch spoiler.

In detail: the components of the TECHART Aerokit


Please feel free to contact us to request your printed copy of the brochure or to get personal assistance in order to learn more about the TECHART individualization options for your Porsche Cayenne model.

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