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Interior Refinement

for the 9YA (E3) Cayenne models

There is nothing as precious as your independence. Why should anyone else but yourself decide how to personalize your Porsche Cayenne interior?

Inimitable quality and accurateness. TECHART handcrafted interiors are world-renowned for their extraordinary level of detail and individuality. Select materials, tastefully matched colors, the sense of design and the pre-eminent craftsmanship of skilled master saddlers are the crucial factors provided by the TECHART interior manufactory and its staff.

Genuine TECHART, down to the detail. Interior refinement allows no superficialness. No matter if you prefer selective highlights or a full TECHART interior. To mention a few examples: TECHART steering wheels have a typical shape and are elaborately padded and hand-sewed. TECHART carbon fiber trims and seat backpanels are produced in-house. Every leather hide, every yarn and any other detail is individually matched to create your individualinterior masterpiece.

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Two premium brands, both of which embody real individualism,
outstanding design and extraordinary quality like no other in their segment.

Common goal: a masterpiece of pleasant, unobtrusive luxury. The creation of a traveling ambience which marks a new level of design and seating comfort. Made for TECHART-personalized automobiles that stand for character and superiority - inside and outside. Especially when it comes to performance and driving dynamics.

The materials are symbols of both classic values and vanguard design. Fine leather: a renowned TECHART specialty. A novelty in the range of premium interior refinement: the manifold processing of natural virgin wool - a genuine ROLF BENZ upholstery fabric of outstanding quality.

Elegant structures containing three different shades. Hard-wearing, breathable and dirt resistant. At the same time, matchless in terms of softness and naturalness. A harmoniously impressive overall appearance not only creating a unique look and feel, but also surprisingly homelike interior acoustics.


A challenging task for the TECHART master craftsmen: the processing of structured virgin wool fabric in order to meet the specific automotive interior demands towards long-lastingness, safety and the transformation of the unique design. Such as the typical drape of the ROLF BENZ 641 hybrid  armchair, conveying relaxation and well-being at first sight. This detail is combined with close-fitted seat areas which ensures a well-balanced seating comfort, even when enjoying dynamic driving. Precision and care are crucial when it comes to the accurately defined orientation of the woven fabric which weighs up to 870 grams per linear meter.

The loving attention to detail creates surprising subtleties. Such as the genuine ROLF BENZ patterned cloth which covers the underside of the headrests. Color-matched leather piping, threads and lacquer. A roof lining entirely made of black virgin wool. The footwell area covered in fine leather with exquisite floor mats. Or even a handmade TECHART document wallet placed in the glove compartment.

Just to mention a few of what you can look forward to.
Welcome home. The TECHART Interior ROLF BENZ.


The whole world of interior refinement: TECHART personalization options at a glance.

TECHART sport steering wheels and steering wheel refinement

A TECHART signature feature for your Porsche: the TECHART sport steering wheel. Composed by select materials and perfected design, every stage of production requires an extraordinary level of quality and accuracy. This is why all genuine TECHART steering wheels are handmade at the in-house leathershop in Leonberg/Germany.

The combination of painted surfaces, leather and Alcantara® segments as well as carbon fiber trims, matching pipings, stitchings and perforations creates an endless variety of options to be at your service. Needless to say that your standard features such as multi-function, paddle shifts or steering wheel heating are maintained.


Learn more about the production steps of genuine TECHART steering wheels



Our offer: the most beautiful interior for your Cayenne.


Please feel free to contact us to get personal assistance in order to learn more about the TECHART individualization options for your Porsche Cayenne model.

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