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Interior Refinement

for the E3 Cayenne models

There is nothing as precious as your independence. Why should you let someone else decide how to furnish your personal interior of your Porsche Cayenne?

TECHART handcrafted interiors are world-renowned for their extraordinary level of quality and accuracy, for carefully chosen materials and the unique design details. Your wish list may range from punctual highlights to a uniquely designed TECHART interior, created of supple, natural leather according to your personal perception and taste.

A signature feature for your Cayenne: a custom made TECHART sport steering wheel or individual refinement of your standard Porsche steering wheel. Composed by select materials and perfected design, every stage of production requires an extraordinary level of quality and accuracy.

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We never rest on our laurels. And even less, when it comes to your seating comfort.

In the development of first-class interior design, we are driven by learning from the best. As a manufacturer of high-end luxury sofa benches, the german design brand ROLF BENZ is one of the top players in the international furniture industry. In an extraordinary development partnership, both premium brands created the TECHART Interior ROLF BENZ.

A true design classic, the ROLF BENZ 641 hybrid armchair defined the challenging tasks for the TECHART master craftsmen: the typical drapery of its woven fabric, conveying relaxation and well-being at first sight. Combined with close-fitted seat areas ensuring wellbalanced seating comfort, even when enjoying dynamic driving. Accurately defined orientation of the complex fabric which weighs up to 870 grams per linear meter.

The materials embody both classic values and vanguard design. And while fine leather has always been a renowned TECHART specialty, a novelty in the range of premium interior refinement was the difficult processing of natural virgin wool – a genuine ROLF BENZ upholstery fabric of outstanding quality. The premium material is hard-wearing and breathable. At the same time, it is matchless in terms of softness and naturalness. Manually processed in the Cayenne's interior, the harmonious overall appearance of the woven fabric does not only create a unique look and feel, but it also creates amazing homelike interior acoustics.




The whole world of interior refinement: TECHART personalization options at a glance.

TECHART sport steering wheels and steering wheel refinement

A TECHART signature feature for your Porsche: the TECHART sport steering wheel. Composed by select materials and perfected design, every stage of production requires an extraordinary level of quality and accuracy. This is why all genuine TECHART steering wheels are handmade at the in-house leathershop in Leonberg/Germany.

The combination of painted surfaces, leather and Alcantara® segments as well as carbon fiber trims, matching pipings, stitchings and perforations creates an endless variety of options to be at your service. Needless to say that your standard features such as multi-function, paddle shifts or steering wheel heating are maintained.


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Our offer: simply the most beautiful interior for your Cayenne.